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Specialized repair and maintenance services for Atlascopco,Sandvik,Tamrock, Ingersolland and Furukawa brands, Rock surface and Jumbo subsurface drillers.  ORIGINAL and OEM spareparts are used in repair and maintenance services including Rock and Jumbo engines, gearboxes, compressors, drivetrain groups, boomes, drifter drillguns, hydrolics, electrical systems, hoods, cowlings and chassis repair and painting. Additionally, CONSUMABLES such as RODS, BITS, SHANKS for all types of drilling equipment are sold from stock.



  • THINK of loader tyre repair within 45 minutes, remobilization of your loader and the trailing trucks …
  • THINK of oiler personnel not necessary and zero human error in equipment maintenance with air and dust free oils…
  • THINK of a fully equipped workshop and personnel arriving at the shortest time to the aid of your malfunctioned equipment …
  • These are only few examples of the benefits, you will better understand the advantages as you get to know IMT...

For these reasons, IMT is the number one brand in the World producing tyre, service, maintenance trucks and rescue vehicles for mining, dam, highway, railroad, pipeline, tunnel and residential building projects.

  • Tyre replacement trucks
  • Repair trucks
  • Oiling trucks

Repair trucks utilize special aluminum-steel alloy material frames yielding maximum durability and light weight. These vehicles are equipped with toolsets for all types of repair, welding, dismantling and assembly, loading-unloading and site lighting suited to the field conditions. Among the tools utilized are diesel welding machine, compressor, telescopic hydrolic wynch, and handsets using air and hydrolics. Repair vehicles provide major time gains in field conditions while minimizing human errors.


Depending on client requirements the greasing trucks are produced either as enclosed or open vehicles and are designed to provide full equipment oil change, greasing and filtre change service in the field. Thus, multiple construction equipments in the field can be cost effectively serviced on locale without loss of time and the need for dedicated oiling personnel per machine.


We are pleased to introduce these vehicles which will provide great assistance on field locale or the site for resolution of all types of problems (tyre repair, tyre dismount or mounting, tyre loading-unloading) for 25” (64cm) to 164”(417cm) diameters and upto 25 000 Ibs (11 340 kg). IMT is not limited only to these vehicles and provides alternatives in special sets and tackles for solving all types of tyre problems.


AMIDA, a leader in mobile light towers, reinnovated itself and acquired superior capabilities after merging with the recognized TEREX Group. Very well known and preferred in the construction sector with its durable vehicle casings, galvanized light towers, and replaceable rich accessories, Amida is now at your service with the AKEDI assurance... Why not contact us for introduction to Amida and the popular models AL4000, AL5000 and LT7000…?

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